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Personal Training


Hoopers Elite Basketball Training program is designed by professional player, J.J. Miller.  It is a unique program specifically catered to the needs of individual players at all levels of the game. J.J. Miller is USA Basketball Youth Development Certified, has over 25 years of basketball playing experience including 14 years as a professonial player.


If you are looking for an example of how hard work and dedication pays off then look no further than J.J. Miller. Coming from tiny N.C.A&T State University, Miller has worked his way up the European leagues to the point of earning six figure contracts!– Slam Magazine



Are you new to the game of basketball and want to learn how to play? Are you trying to make your school’s basketball team or become a starter? Do you want to earn a basketball scholarship? How about become a Pro? Are you a Pro that wants to be the best? Hoopers Elite Basketball Training program will help you achieve your basketball goals. J.J Miller has excelled at every level that he has played, and now he wants to help other players succeed also.

“I believe that you can be as good as you want to be.” – J.J. Miller




At Hoopers Elite Basketball Services we EXCEED EXPECTATIONS! J.J.’s methods of training, skill development, conditioning, and mental preparation allow players to see tangible results that can be translated to actual games. This program focuses on the player and how we can help each player improve. Through experience J.J. Miller understands that it is important for players to know how to work on their game, why they are doing the drills they do, and how to apply their improvement to real live game play!


"We EXCEED EXPECTATIONS in our training sessions so that our clients can EXCEED EXPECTATIONS when they play!" 


  • Individual          $50/session   

  • Group               contact for pricing

  • Team                contact for pricing







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