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J.J. Miller is a compelling speaker with an inspiring life story and a natural ability to connect with listeners and guests in a variety of settings.


Growing up in a small North Carolina town, he always had to work 3 times as hard to earn his place. These humble beginnings taught him that a commitment to excellence is necessary when trying make your dreams a reality. J.J.'s journey to his current place as one to the top point guards in the world is a living example of how to EXCEED EXPECTATIONS. He is a man of God, loving husband, father, entrepreneur, and avid mentor that believes that our perception truly does fuel our reality.  


An engaged and articulate speaker, J.J. draws from his vast life experiences to motivate, inspire, and impact audiences of all ages, gender, and backgrounds. J.J. Miller inspires people to go beyond the bounds or limits of average and EXCEED EXPECTATIONS in their own lives!



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