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Michael Moore - Pro Basketball Player - Hoop Trainer

Coach Mike is a professional basketball player who recently completed his first season in Italy. Mike is no stranger to hardwork and dedication. As a high school player, he was a raw talent that needed the help of a trainer that understood the game and knew exactly what he needed to work on to help him reach the collegiate level. Mike had the potential to be a great player as far as athleticism, size, and overall ability to play the game. J.J. Miller and Hooper’s Elite helped him bring each aspect of his game to a higher level by consistently working with Mike and helping him understand the game on a level he had never experienced. This has been a huge contribution to the player he has become today. 

As a college player at the University of Mount Olive, Mike experienced much success being a 2x All- Conference, 2x All Conference Tournament, All Regional Team, Regular Season Champion, Conference Tournament Champ, and Regional Champion. Being part of a team that made history with an Elite Eight appearance was an amazing experience and helped prepare Mike for professional basketball! 

Now that Mike has reached this point in his career, he has decided to hand down all of the information he's learned through the experience of being a professional basketball player as well as being a student of many years of training from J.J. Miller and his Hoopers Elite program.

"I am extremely excited to give back to the younger generation and share the experience of my journey to make it to the professional level. Hooper’s Elite is the perfect opportunity for players of all ages to have access to professional basketball players dedicated to helping them learn how to play, improve their game, and acheive all of their basketball goals." - Michael Moore

"We EXCEED EXPECTATIONS in our training sessions so that our clients can EXCEED EXPECTATIONS when they play!" 

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